An agency committed to sustainable and integrated urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean

AVITEM is a French cooperation agency dedicated to a strategic area for our country and the European Union, the Mediterranean area. It conveys the political will to contribute to the creation of a community of sustainable development and solidarity on a Mediterranean scale. The humanist values AVITEM promotes respond to the need for Mediterranean countries to live up to their common destiny.

Seeking to forge new models capable of meeting the serious challenges similarly facing the countries of the Mediterranean basin, AVITEM assists project processes with great attention paid to contexts and stakeholders.

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Major global and local issues drive our actions, first and foremost the fight against and adaptation to climate change, the need to take into account health security, resilience, social and territorial cohesion, and the move towards a more sober and fairer model.
AVITEM promotes a method of cooperation and co-production through debate, exchange and the production of common frameworks for Mediterranean planning and development It is consistently building a solid community of very diverse players – public and private, elected representatives, project managers, contractors, businesses and start-ups – capable of guiding territories towards greater resilience, sustainability, attractiveness and social and territorial cohesion.
Its ambition is to enhance the know-how and common assets of Mediterranean territories and stakeholders, and to develop new ones for greater territorial resilience in the face of multiple crises. AVITEM is keen to develop participatory democracy to build the Mediterranean of the future with civil society, particularly youth, while ensuring gender equality.
AVITEM is an agent for strengthening public policies, in open governance involving civil society stakeholders. We also need to question and influence individual and collective behaviour, not only of Mediterranean inhabitants but also of all those who operate in this region, particularly tourists.
The developments underway confirm AVITEM’s approach to cooperation and guide its strategic orientations. The Agency, faithful to its purpose of international cooperation, avoids the vain temptation of simply transposing Northern models to the South, and instead resolutely develops collaborative approaches adapted to the specific contexts and aspirations of the various components of the Mediterranean basin.
AVITEM’s mission is to lead a process of exchange of experience, expertise, training and cooperation in order to promote integrated and exemplary approaches to urban and territorial development between French stakeholders and the countries of the Union for the Mediterranean.

This mission implements the following approaches:

  • A cooperation mechanism to set up and coordinate integrated and exemplary approaches to urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean.

  • A cycle of advanced studies in project engineering on urban and territorial issues for public and private decision-makers in Mediterranean countries.

  • A place for meetings and debates, in a capitalisation dynamic, to bring out shared concepts and modes of action and to provide answers to the questions raised in the Mediterranean area by the processes of territorial construction and development.

  • A centre of expertise aat the service of its members and in partnership with all stakeholders involved in urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean area.

AVITEM is an actorcommitted to Euro-Mediterranean cooperation