Coralie PALUMBO is an employee of the Southern Region and has been working for AVITEM since January 2020. She is the assistant of Ambassador Philippe Meunier, General Manager of AVITEM, in charge of institutional communication, public relations and community manager of the Agency.


Coralie PALUMBO is a member of the Southern Region’s staff, seconded to AVITEM. Since January 2020, she has been in charge of institutional communication, assistant to the Managing Director, public relations and the Agency’s community manager.

After a career in clinical research (graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille) and in executive assistant for local authorities of the South and the EPA Euroméditerranée, she now leads the analysis of communication and organizational needs, the definition of strategic and operational objectives in institutional and web communication.

Coralie manages the institutional communication actions, the webmaster part of the website, the communication of the social networks of the 5 main poles of the Agency, the protocol of the management pole as well as the national and European press.

It thrives on efficiency and innovation, addressing concerns holistically with expertise ranging from digital transformation, capacity building to climate change adaptation and natural resource management for inclusive and sustainable development, health protection, sustainable food and peace.